Fr_luke Under the guidance of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, Father Luka Hermeina established the American Canadian Youth Bishopric on September 9, 2014. Fr. Luka Hermeina served H.G. Bishop Moussa for 26 years in the Youth Bishopric. He served for 5 years as the director of the Institute of Pastoral Care & Education in Al Abassiya, Egypt.

Vision and goals

American Canadian Youth Bishopric embraces the development of spiritual knowledge of the three foundations of life: Christ, the Bible, and the Church in a way that integrates the role of each youth as a community member. American Canadian Youth Bishopric serves to ensure that through its courses each youth member will successfully recognize the value of eternal life in which they are able to confidently act as a witness to Christ. Members of American Canadian Youth Bishopric strive to develop spiritual maturity in order to clearly express thoughts and beliefs sociably in a modern world through understanding the importance of living a Christian life based on Christian dogma and theology, and the teachings of the Orthodox faith.